Master your personality type to confidently handle life's challenges... less than 8 weeks (even if you don't like your personality type yet).

Boost confidence, sharpen problem-solving skills and ready yourself for life's unexpected quests.

"The course will not only teach you about the personality types and cognitive functions in a vivid, engaging and captivating language of RPG, but it will also give you practical skills to apply in any area of your life." - An Activated Hero

Have you ever felt like an NPC in someone else's heroic journey? A side-character that never actually leave's the starting area? Do you dream of becoming the hero of your own life?

This isn't about capes and tights.

It's about being able to conquer your fears, achieve your goals, and live a life that makes you feel like the hero of your own story.

Do these sound like you?

  • Struggling to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs?

  • Feeling lost and unsure of the next step to take?

  • Overwhelmed by challenges and on the verge of giving up?

  • Tired of the same old advice that just doesn't work for you?

  • Yearning for a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment?

Most people are bombarded with generic advice that doesn't take into account your unique strengths and challenges. You're told to just "work harder" or "follow your passion," but that doesn't address the root of the problem.

Introducing Path of Heroes Academy

Path of Heroes: Academy is a self-paced, 8-week online personal growth video course that combines personality type with practical actions (missions) and character creation to help you stop feeling like an NPC in someone else's heroic story.

The course leverages the concept of Carl Jung's cognitive functions (the mental processes that shape how you think, feel, and behave; the basis of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator's 16 personality types), personified as heroic characters, to help you understand yourself better, improve problem-solving in all domains of life, and a life that's more aligned with who you truly are - your true character.

The course is divided into eight sections, one for each of the eight archetypal characters within your psyche's questing party.

Each section includes video lessons, transcripts, downloadable materials, and activities to help you apply the concepts to your life.

There are also bonus materials, such as hypnosis tracks to make it easier and faster to improve in all eight domains.

Path of Heroes Academy is for You if You Want to:

  • Break free from self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

  • Gain clarity on your goals and direction in life.

  • Build the confidence and resilience to overcome challenges.

  • Stop feeling stuck and finally make progress.

  • Live a life filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

You Will Design Eight Characters That Reflect Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Personality Type

Week One:

The Analyzing Adept

The Adept helps you to make informed decisions and solve complex problems by utilizing technical expertise and a logical approach.

Week Two:

The Strategizing Commander

The Commander helps you to achieve your goals and bring order to chaos by decisively organizing resources and planning ahead.

Week Three:

The Visioning Mystic

The Mystic helps you to gain deeper insights and foresee potential outcomes by accessing the unconscious mind and interpreting symbolism.

Week Four:

The Innovating Explorer

The Explorer helps you to adapt to change and generate innovative solutions by thinking outside the box and exploring new possibilities.

Week Five:

The Resonating Soul

The Soul helps you to maintain personal integrity and foster meaningful relationships by tapping into deep feelings and values.

Week Six:

The Unifying Envoy

The Envoy helps you to build strong, cohesive teams and improve social dynamics by proactively supporting and providing for others.

Week Seven:

The Stabilizing Guardian

The Guardian helps you to ensure reliability and consistency in your endeavors by referencing past experiences and lessons learned.

Week Eight:

The Engaging Adventurer

The Adventurer helps you to seize opportunities and navigate crises by using your senses and instincts to act immediately.

Why Create Characters for Self-Development?

  • Develop a Better Relationship with Yourself: We all have different strengths and weaknesses, just like a crew of superheroes.

    These characters represent these hidden aspects of yourself so you can recognize them, appreciate their unique contributions, and improve inner harmony.

  • From Conflict to Cooperation: Ever feel like you're battling with yourself? By seeing these parts of yourself as teammates, you can turn internal struggles into a collaborative effort.

    Imagine your overly "emotional" part working alongside your "get it done" part to create well-rounded solutions and progress that feels good.

  • Unlock Hidden Resources: Each character brings a unique perspective and skillset. By understanding these perspectives, you can approach challenges with more resourcefulness and creativity.

    Within a few weeks, that part of yourself that you disliked can become a valuable asset in the right situation.

  • Boost Your Confidence: As you develop your inner team, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and abilities.

    More self-awareness can lead to a significant increase in confidence in all areas of your life.

  • Build Stronger Relationships: As you develop your inner team and appreciate their different personalities, you'll gain a greater understanding of how others function as well.

    This newfound empathy allows you to connect with people on a deeper level and build stronger relationships.

  • Make Self-Discovery Fun: Let's face it, traditional self-development can feel dry and boring.

    Creating and interacting with these characters injects a fun and engaging element into the process, making self-discovery a truly enjoyable experience.

Amazing Feedback From Members

Engaging Presentation:

"I would highlight that the way the info is presented is very gamified which is awesome."

Deepened Understanding:

"It has helped me build a stronger bond with my parts/ characters/ cognitive functions, showed me how I can strengthen and improve each of the 8 cognitive functions..."

"It deepened my understanding of the cognitive functions and the personality types."

Facilitated Creativity:

"Opened new ways to express my creativity through stories and character creating art."

Problem Solving and Practical Application:

"Problem solving with other participants of the Academy helped with looking at those problems from different perspectives and gave us a great opportunity to practise our knowledge in real life situations."

"Your course is not only theoretical, it's very practical - problem solving and talking to only two (of eight) characters - it was mindset shifting, I could physically feel it."

Practical Skills for Life:

"The course will not only teach you about the personality types and cognitive functions in a vivid, engaging and captivating language of RPG, but it will also give you practical skills to apply in any area of your life."

Personal Transformation:

"Thank you for everything, Sherman. You have literally changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined. I have done a complete 180 with my life because of your content, your time, and your generosity."

Holistic Self-Improvement:

"You will be able to learn about yourself and your type and will be given tools and knowledge how to improve all your cognitive functions both in your main function stack and in 'shadow'."

Authenticity in Action:

"This course helped me view the different characters/ archetypes/ cognitive functions as being a part of myself rather than separate entities. So, as someone who values authenticity, it doesn’t feel like I’m being fake anymore when I activate these different characters, especially those which I’m not strong at."

Real-World Application:

"At work, I’ve activated the Commander and the Guardian to help me prioritise tasks for the day and just get it done without procrastination."

"While socialising, I’ve started putting up a warmer posture and a smiling a bit more when I activate the Envoy along with the Soul."

Continuous Learning and Accessibility:

"You will be able to come back to the lessons in the course again and again and expand how you use its tools over time."

Cohort Session Benefits:

"Attending cohort sessions helped with character creation, something I wasn't sure I could do at will at the beginning."

"Hearing about other members' characters was fascinating and inspiring."

Don't forget your FREE bonuses!

[BONUS] FREE mini-course
"No More Fear of Failure"

This mini-course teaches you the critical mindsets and skills needed to go from an NPC to a HERO by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action on your dreams (so you don't regret never having done that thing)

"Personal Transformation Journaling"

This eBook equips you with practical journaling techniques designed to catalyze profound personal growth and end the cycle of self-sabotage.

[BONUS] FREE digital copy of
"Mission: Control"

This gamified journaling and goal-setting method builds on what you'll learn in Path of Heroes: Academy and adds points and missions to help you reach your goals.

When You Enroll in Path of Heroes Academy, You'll Get Immediate Access to:

🎓 8-Week Online Personal Growth Video Course:

An insightful and immersive 8-week online course that provides structured learning and self-development through personality type and RPG topics.

You'll have a clear path to self-improvement and personal mastery.

🔍 Personality Type Assessment With Practical Actions (Missions) and Character Creation:

This detailed assessment tool combined with practical action plans and character creation helps you understand your personality type and apply this knowledge through tailored missions.

You'll gain insightful self-awareness and practical ways to instantly apply it in your life.

🚀 Customized Learning for Leveraging Personality Type Strengths:

Access the RPG Model: a learning approach tailored to your unique personality type which focuses on harnessing and enhancing your inherent strengths.

You'll be able to maximize your potential in both personal and professional areas.

🧩 8 Personalized Characters for Diverse Problem-Solving Approaches:

Unlock a set of 8 unique characters representing different problem-solving styles for diverse perspectives and new approaches to handling life's challenges.

You'll develop a versatile and adaptable approach to problem-solving so you have a reliable way to get unstuck for the rest of your life.

🛠 Skills and Tools for Daily Life Application and Decision-Making:

A collection of practical skills and tools to equip you with strategies for effective decision-making and daily life management.

You'll handle daily challenges more effectively and make decisions with greater confidence.

🧠 Modules on Various Facets of Human Psychology and Personal Growth:

Comprehensive modules covering a wide range of psychological and personal growth topics so you can gain deep insights into human behavior and self-improvement techniques.

You'll gain a broader understanding of yourself and others, enhancing personal interactions and growth.

📁 Templates, Examples, and Character Creation Files:

A set of resources including templates, examples, and character creation files to assist you in structuring and documenting your personal growth journey.

You'll have a clear, organized path for your development, with tangible resources to guide you.

🌱 80 Real-Life Missions for Strength Improvement and Leveling Up:

A series of 80 practical, real-life missions to challenge and encourage you to apply and strengthen your skills in real-world situations.

You'll experience continuous improvement and growth in a practical, engaging manner.

🎧 9 Hypnosis Tracks:

A set of 8 specialized hypnosis tracks, one for each character type to help reinforce and internalize the traits and strengths of each character.

The 9th track organizes a team of heroes within your psyche that automatically seek out and heal wounded parts, enabling effortless self-development - even while you sleep.

⚖️ Guidance on Using Strengths and Overcoming Weaknesses:

Personalized advice and strategies for leveraging strengths and addressing weaknesses. This allows for a balanced approach to personal development so you don't feel stuck trying to fit into someone else's approach.

You'll become more well-rounded, addressing all aspects of your character for holistic growth.

🌟 Personal Growth Strategies Tailored to Personality Types:

A set of strategies specifically designed to align with each of the 16 personality types to give you a more effective and individualized approach to personal growth.

You'll follow a path of self-improvement that feels natural and is more likely to yield success.

📚 Digital and Printable Notes, Tips, Tricks, and Downloads:

A comprehensive collection of digital and printable materials - a wealth of information and practical tips at your fingertips so you'll have continuous access to valuable resources to support your journey of self-discovery and growth.

🧠 Week One: The Analyzing Adept - Sharpen your problem-solving skills.

🎖️ Week Two: The Strategizing Commander - Learn strategic planning for conquest.

🔮 Week Three: The Visioning Mystic - Unlock new depths of understanding.

🌍 Week Four: The Innovating Explorer - Become a change agent.

💡 Week Five: The Resonating Empath - Illuminate your self-awareness.

🤝 Week Six: The Unifying Envoy - Master social harmony.

⚖️ Week Seven: The Stabilizing Guardian - Integrate stability and order.

🎭 Week Eight: The Engaging Adventurer - Learn to embrace uncertainty.

🔒 [BONUS 1] Townhall Access: Enter the archives and get access to all prior Townhall sessions, making for quite the knowledge spell book. See real-life examples of how to grapple with life's quests, personality riddles, and fire up that creative problem-solving forge, all fueled by the RPG Model.

🔒 [BONUS] FREE mini-course "No More Fear of Failure"

This mini-course teaches you the critical mindsets and skills needed to go from an NPC to a HERO by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action on your dreams (so you don't regret never having done that thing).

🔒 [BONUS] FREE "Personal Transformation Journaling" eBook

This eBook equips you with practical journaling techniques designed to catalyze profound personal growth and end the cycle of self-sabotage.

🔒 [BONUS] FREE digital copy of "Mission: Control"

This gamified journaling and goal-setting method builds on what you'll learn in Path of Heroes: Academy and adds points and missions to help you reach your goals.

🔒 [GUARANTEE] 100% refund policy if you complete the course materials and find the course isn't for you within 2 months of starting it.

Lifelong Tools and Techniques You'll Learn (And Quicky Apply) For Problem-Solving

  • 1. Deep Dive into the 8 Cognitive Functions:

    Go beyond basic descriptions of the 16 Myers-Briggs Types. Learn the intricate workings of the mental processes that influence your perception, decision-making, and interaction with the world.

    This in-depth understanding will illuminate your unique strengths and weaknesses.

    You'll gain the ability to see not only your own motivations but also understand why others behave in certain ways, fostering greater empathy and improved relationships.

  • 2. Cognitive Functions as Superheroes:

    At the core of our approach lies the concept of cognitive functions. These are the mental processes that shape how you think, feel, and behave.

    Path of Heroes Academy makes these functions relatable by personifying them as superheroes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. This gamification element makes them easier to understand and interact with.

  • 3. NLP Parts Work:

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses the concept of "parts" to represent different aspects of a person's personality.

    Path of Heroes Academy builds on this concept by creating characters for your cognitive functions – like inner team members. This allows you to identify and work with these "parts" in a more conscious and playful way.

  • 4. Parts Work Activation:

    Go beyond self-discovery. Often, the wrong "part" shows up for a task.

    For example, your "shy introvert" might show up for a networking event, leaving you feeling awkward. Learn to consciously choose which "inner hero" to activate for any situation, maximizing flexibility and minimizing stress.

  • 5. Hypnosis for Positive Change:

    Hypnosis is a powerful tool for relaxation, focus, problem-solving, and skill-development.

    Path of Heroes Academy incorporates hypnotic techniques (carefully crafted for self-listening) to help you improve and integrate the skills of each of your heroes. These techniques can help you solidify new beliefs and empower yourself to more confidently approach challenges.

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