To help you play life better

My courses are designed to help you learn the skills and mindsets needed to live a more fulfilling life. They're easy to follow and anyone can benefit from them—even if you are new to this whole personal development kind of thing.

If you need help getting unstuck or improving your life in any way, check out the most popular options below or go to my products page for more information about what I offer.

Path of Heroes: Academy

The Path of Heroes: Academy is a holistic and innovative rapid personal growth course that uses personality type and character creation to help you become the best version of yourself.

I Now Feel Positive: Masterclass for INFPs

This course will teach you the essential skills to live an authentic, happy, and fulfilling life, even if your INFP personality type often makes things difficult and overwhelming.

No More Fear of Failure

In one month, you'll be more capable of handling fear of failure and taking actions to improve your life.

Hero Maker Framework - Tools for a Better Life

The Hero Maker Framework is a life course that gives you a framework, tools, and practices to make lasting and positive changes in your life.

BOOK: Personal Transformation Journaling

End the Cycle of Self-Sabotage and Create Lasting Positive Change Through Writing, Reflection and the Parts Work Technique

This journal guides you in a process of personal transformation through understanding the different parts of yourself and building more rapport and more internal connections with those aspects.

Through writing, reflection, and the parts work technique, you will become more conscious of your patterns and start to change them for the better. Parts are like internal entities, most of them are outside of our conscious awareness, but they have power and influence over us. Parts communicate with each other through feelings, thoughts, actions and bodily sensations.

This book is a great companion for anyone who wants to increase self-awareness and encouraging positive change in your mindset and behavior.

Get your copy and start your transformation today!

🎧 Geek Psychology's Hypnosis Track Emporium 🎧

Heroic Upgrades (the Easy Way)! Unleash your inner hero with Geek Psychology's Hypnosis Track Emporium! 😎 Supercharge your self-confidence, motivation, and resilience with our magical, geeky bardic melodies – only $15 each! 🚀

Geek Psychology Album: No Worries My Friend

10 custom-crafted tracks to help you smile more ^^

AND AS A BONUS... I'll add in the Self-Love Enhancement Hypnotic Installation Track

Mission: Control

The gamified journal that will help you level up your life.

I'll let you in on a secret... it's not really just about getting your life organized.

Nor is it just another daily planner or journal—it's a whole new way of thinking about how you can achieve success by taking control of your life and improve your health, wealth, and relationships,